If you entered this site wanting to join a Yoga class, here you will find all the needed information. Welcome! 

In these pandemic times I am offering Yoga and Movement Sessions in the Bürgerpark

TUESDAYS at 19:15 h (Registration)

also online and in the studio YOMA Tuesdays at 10 h

If you wish information in English for other offers, please contact me personally through the “Kontakt” page.


My name is Daniela.

I spend my days on the yoga mat, as a teacher and as a practitioner, at the desk as a researcher and as an illustrator, and also very gladly in bed and outside within the pieces of green and blue that I find in the city.

I work in the fields of experimental art and somatic work. I research the political and ecological possibilities of workshops and bodyworks as artistic practices.


The Hatha-Yoga lessons I offer are normally given in German, but I can give you directions and guidance in English as well if needed.

The groups is limited to six participants and the classes are open to everyone; beginners as well as yogis and yoginis with experience. I offer enough variations, so that each person can practice in their own pace and explore their own possibilities. At the beginning I also gather wishes, questions or specific interests.

Please bring comfortable clothes and (if possible) a yogamat. And please come some minutes before the class starts!

You can register through an Email or through the Page “Kontakt”. Please let me know if you haven’t done yoga before and whether or not you need a mat. Further questions are very welcome!

WEDNESDAYS from 19:00 to 20:15 h

*There is no fixed price for the class: you are invited to give what you wish and can.

Suggestion: 6-16 EUR