For bodyworkers, facilitatorsspace dreamers *

who wish to expand their knowledge around

anti-racism and decoloniality

as a living practice.


I came to the decision to postpone the course to next year, recognizing my own emotional limitations to continue holding point for the complexity, multi-layered-ness and vast weight of the topics I am bringing into “conscious” communities. 

The past year I have been guiding predominantly white groups, collectives and organisations to move in more integrity with privilege, internalised racism and social justice. This has given me a deep sense of hope and purpose. It has also meant a lot of emotional work from my own part to move with the impact of this work in my own body. I sense the exhaustion in my system and the deep grief that needs to be felt.

I will take the upcoming months to digest the work I’ve been offering over the past year; harvesting on the pieces that crack my heart open and nibbling on those other parts that contract me to my core.

Mourning that we won’t go through this journey as soon as I envisioned and still in deep gratitude about the response and resonance to this offering! I REALLY want to offer this because i believe that ot is DEEPLY needed!

Trusting that i will guide this journey and publish new dates end of the year from a more resourced place of joy

You can still write me a message if you want me to let you know as soon as the new dates are out!

In humbleness,

Devoted to bringing worlds together, I long for a growing consciousness around the colonial heritage of the spiritual and somatic practices that are shared in the west.

I believe that the awareness of systems of oppression and their impact in our soma is essential to (co)creating true transformational spaces that are serving ALL of life! 

* The group of participants will be predominantly white. I ask BIPoC who are interested to join to have this in mind and to have a short 1:1 talk with me to sense if this space would be able to offer you the degree of safety you are needing *

Working at the intersections of embodiment and social justice, we will expand within layers of resistance and discomfort in order to meet our own internalised whiteness and the consequences of white-body-supremacy (colonialism, imperialism, heterosexism, ecocide, to name a few) in our bodies and especially in the spaces we are (co)creating.

In a field of loving presence, I invite the group to recognise, acknowledge and transform unconscious patterns of whiteness (e.g. internalized dominance and superiority) that have a mayor impact on how we create, invite and hold spaces. Many of this patterns, and almost always unintentionally, perpetuate separation and cause harm, especially to non-white participants in “conscious” spaces. 

I invite a space for information to flow, not only in form of words and theories, but where somatic wisdom and felt experience can meet human souls, hearts and bodies.

Some of the themes that we will explore are: 

  • Foundations of Embodied Social Justice
  • White-Bodied Supremacy Culture
  • Decolonial Spirituality
  • Shamanism and Cultural Appropriation 
  • Allyship, Accountability & Space Holding

Some of the methods we will practice are:

  • guided movement and meditation
  • transrational input
  • journaling
  • story-telling
  • ritual work

This series of online workshops is dreamt and woven, based on my personal experience as a facilitator of euro-afro-indigenous decent working in spiritual, self-development and artistic fields over the past six years. 

The journey is being offered online via zoom. The work done is experiential, somatic and will require your live presence. We will record the sessions, but I encourage you to attend live to go through the full experience.  

*The course is limited to 20 participants.* 


Overflowing fee: 321 – 432 EUR

Regular fee: 222 – 321 EUR

Low(er) income: 123 – 222 EUR

I wish to make it possible that all people who feel called – regardless of their income – can participate. In order to enable this, I ask everyone to contribute as much as it is available to them.

No one will be turned away for lack of funds. For people with particularly low incomes, there is the possibility of installment payments. Feel free to drop me a note if that’s your case. 

* This course will cycle back 15% of earnings to finance offerings on empowerment and somatic experience for people who experience racism and live on the margins. 


Apply via: lenta-menta@riseup.netPlease write a few words about how you identify ethnically and anything about you and your access needs that might be relevant for the course. Please also share a few lines about your motivation to join, with which questions you come and how much you would want to pay for the course. 


TBA Winter/Spring 2024

 18:30 – 20:30h CET

via zoom