I recently deleted my Etsy shop and liberated my work from a system I could not stand behind.

Here I share my illustrations to download and self-print freely! They carry the questions, the fears, the hopes and the deep love that has brought me all the way until here… I hope that they reach you well.

If you wish to support my work financially and enjoy some of my creations, I happily receive and deeply appreciate donations for the files you download <3

My mooncalendar celebrates cycles and pauses as necessary spaces for creation and manifestation. I manifested it to reconnect with the cycles of the moon and with my own inner cycles.

You are welcome to use it to set intentions or goals; as a diary to write down your inspirations; to capture the qualities of the days or just to see more beauty on your wall every now and then.


The calendar reminds you to rest; to slow down and take breaks AND it’s a terrible calendar for planning, organizing or keeping track of appointments. You might want to write down the days of the week and dates to keep track.

The Wiccan Wheel evokes the cycle within and around us. It connects the four Celtic higher holidays with the solstices and the equinoxes.

It symbolizes the passage of time within a year, from birth to death and rebirth.

I drew this wheel of in preparation for Samhain.

It can serve as a compass and as an invitation to be part of the cyclical processes; becoming one with the earth, with the sun, with the moon.

I birthed this deck of cards to serves a daily practice of checking in with yourself what is it that you might need or which need(s) may be asking for more attention at the moment.

They are 33 cards with 33 daily needs and list of the needs in German, English and Spanish!

Feel free to take your time looking at each picture… The list of needs is just a suggestion from me and maybe some of the illustrations will have a completely different meaning for you!